About Us


Family Bokazini

Let’s start with or most asked question: where does the name Vanaut come from? The answer is –sadly- very easy. It simply means absolutely nothing! It’s a word we made up and it just sounded right. Good and strong vowels, and let’s be honest, it is good word 🙂

The concept originated as a strong love for coffee and visiting unique and cozy coffeeplaces all around the world. These experiences and love are all combined and put into Vanaut. Our motto louds: If it’s ‘’gezellig’’, it’s Vanaut-worthy. And with that we obviously mean our hand-picked furniture that shapes our –strange- interior. Luckily our customers agree and often describe Vanaut as a very warm and homely place.

We think it’s amazing when customers approach us and share the positive energy they receive at Vanaut. That’s what drives us everyday.

But Vanaut is more than just a coffeebar where you, in the company of great people, drink coffee, tea or juices. Or have a super healthy lunch. It’s also a store where you love to shop for unique and rare gifts. Our products differ on a weekly base. Because we are always looking for different, unique and not your everyday products that we and our customer scan appreciate deeply. At least, that is what we hope. It is because of that reason we do not maintain huge supplies.

In short, Vanaut is cozy livingroom, where you can shop, meet and gather, chill or relax by the water in our organic garden. Feel welcome!